Friday, May 11, 2007

Testopia 1.2.1

So, many of you are wondering "Now that Bugzilla 3.0 is out, when can I use Testopia with it"? Well, the answer is "Soon." That is to say, as soon as I can get working right with 3.0. Since Testopia is developed against this installation, much is on hold while I make this transition.

In the meantime however, LpSolit, the Bugzilla QA Guru, has put together a bunch of patches to make Testopia work with PostgreSQL databases (on Bugzilla 2.22.x). These, along with a couple small bug fixes (not being able to create new users for example *cough*) comprise Testopia 1.2.1 which is now available from the Mozilla FTP server.

Those of you who have been logging bugs, thank you for your input. I am reading them and working on them as time allows, even if I don't respond right away. Keep the feedback coming.


Warren said...

Hi Greg,

Any upgrade instructions for going from Testopia 1.2 to 1.2.1?



Cap'n Hex said...

Is there any way to tell which version of testopia I already have installed?
The installation tarball was deleted during housekeeping some time ago.

Greg Hendricks said...

Hmmm. Right now there is no good way to tell what version. I need to put together a good versioning mechanism.

I will add that to my list.