Thursday, May 31, 2007

Who comes up with this junk?

OK, so a lot of you have pointed out that 1.2.1 is a load of excretory waste. I have come to agree with you. It was admittedly a rush job that I scrambled to put out before branching for the work on 3.0.

I have made a branch that includes some fixes to the Bugzilla 2.22 base. The tag name in CVS is TESTOPIA_1_2_BUGZILLA-222 and you can update your installations with this by using the script found in the scripts directory. You will have to modify the checkout command first. Change the line that looks like:

cvs -d co mozilla/webtools/testopia


cvs -d co -r TESTOPIA_1_2_BUGZILLA-222 mozilla/webtools/testopia

I plan to have a new tarball put together sometime next week with these fixes. That is, once I get them all done. I appreciate the dedicated work by Vivian and Dream_Turtle in helping me track these down.

If you find any additional problems, please continue to log them at


Mikhael Axelrod said...


Do you have some time estimation for Bugzilla 3.0 supporting patch?

Effy said...

Hi, I have more harassment for you for when Testopia might be compatible with Bugzilla 3.0; barring that, do you know of anyone else who may be working on patches for it? thanks!