Friday, December 21, 2007

Testopia 2 Preview

So, I know a lot of people thought I have gone AWOL. In actuality, I have sequestered myself for the last couple months to hack away on Testopia 2.0. Well, all the waiting has paid off.

You can now preview Testopia 2.0 at

This is still pre-alpha but it is a good way towards the final goal. You will notice that it is a completely new interface with a lot more Ajax courtesy of Ext 2.0.

With any luck I will have it done in the first few weeks after the new year.

Happy Holidays!


Fred!head said...

Is landfill out partying for the holidays? The URL appears not to work.

Greg Hendricks said...

working for me now (Dec 27)

Pea B said...

Its seems to not be working with IE7, New Run, Plan, etc.. all load with an error and it seems as though the form is completely missing form the page.

Russ said...

I'm curious if Testopia 2 is going to be backwards compatible with Testopia 1.3. I'm thinking of using Testopia 1.3 in the near future, but I really like the new look of version 2.

Greg Hendricks said...

I am not surprised that it doesn't yet work in IE since it is very particular about commas and such and I have not cleaned it out yet.

2.0 will be completely backwards compatible since there will be only very minor DB updates. The rest of the changes are strictly UI.

Gardner said...

Interface improvements look great.

Where do I log tickets against the system?

I had trouble attaching an attachment to a TEST-CASE-RUN.

Colin said...

The new interface looks ace!

Am just getting started with 1.3, since you're planning backward compliance :-)

Great work.