Friday, February 15, 2008

Testopia 2.0 Checked into CVS

I Just finished checking the Testopia 2.0 code changes into CVS. Apologies to anyone on the CVS mailing list as you will have a lot of spam. LXR won't be too happy either I am guessing, but what can I say?

This is still alpha. I have not even tried installing it against a generic Bugzillla yet, nor has it been released internally at Novell. A few things to note however:

Dojo has been replaced by Ext.
You can download the Ext 2.0 package from and install it in the testopia directory where dojo used to be. There is an empty folder as a place holder there called extjs. You don't want to unzip the package into it, rather you need that to be the top level of the extjs file structure. Easiest way might be to unzip the package inside the testopia directory, remove the extjs placeholder folder, and rename the unzipped folder "extjs".

Ext offers a host of new and better features, increases performance, and is just plain sexy. What is more, Testopia should now work much better with the browser made by a certain company in Redmond as well as a host of others.

API has not been updated (yet).
There might be issues with the API as I have not had a chance to test it yet with the new Testopia object modules.

Documentation is now woefully out of date.
Ah, the wonders of open source. Code is fun, docs are not. Over the next couple weeks I will try to get these up to date as best I can. For now, just play.

This version is not yet the Holy Grail of test trackers, but I hope it is a step in the right direction. As always, feedback is appreciated and you can post bugs at

Now that I am not so overwhelmed by the task of upgrading, I might actually have a chance to catch up on the last four months of email. ;-)

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