Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Release Candidate!

Ok, so after lots of hand wringing and questions as to when Testopia 2.0 will be ready for "prime time," I give you RC1. This release includes many bug fixes and replaces many missing features. It also includes the beta of the new XMLRPC API with support for batch mode processing.

You can get it from FTP. As there are no patch changes, you can simply drop this in place for the most part and you should be good to go.

As always, your feedback is appreciated. Even bug reports. ;-)


Adrian said...

Testopia doesn't work with bugzilla on postgres! Is this a mysql-only release? I've tried installing it on a fresh bugzilla install and no dice!!!

Greg Hendricks said...

What specifically is not working? Best to log a bug.

Eskinde said...

Testopia. I installed it on a different port from, to see how it is. I run into problem with submit not doing any thing in "Create a New Test Run".
When i click the submit I see briefly the that it is using the URL with out the port.

Matt said...

Is there a sane way to import XML test cases?

Chris M said...

is there any documentation on the new xmlrpc API.

Greg Hendricks said...

XML import is supported via the script. You will have to make sure your XML conforms to the testopia.dtd

As for documentation for the new API, you will find all as POD on the Webservice/Testopia modules. Or you can read it as HTML from

Chris M said...

thanks, i'll give it a good test over the next week or 2 and get back to ya.

Chris M said...

Hi all,

just started working on this. things to note.

1. Apache Auth needs to bu turn on fo it to correctly work.
" Location /xmlrpc.cgi
Allow from all
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Bugzilla Basic Auth"
AuthUserFile "location of passwords file"
Require valid-user
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule .* - [env=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%{HTTP:Authorization},last]

2. The xmlrpc.cgi need the following added to it to access the testopia webservices.

my $response = Bugzilla::WebService::XMLRPC::Transport::HTTP::CGI
->dispatch_with({'Bugzilla' => 'Bugzilla::WebService::Bugzilla',
'Bug' => 'Bugzilla::WebService::Bug',
'User' => 'Bugzilla::WebService::User',
'Product' => 'Bugzilla::WebService::Product',
'TestRun' => 'Bugzilla::WebService::Testopia::TestRun',
'TestPlan' => 'Bugzilla::WebService::Testopia::TestPlan',
'TestCase' => 'Bugzilla::WebService::Testopia::TestCase',
'TestCaseRun' => 'Bugzilla::WebService::Testopia::TestCaseRun',
'Product' => 'Bugzilla::WebService::Testopia::Product',
'Environment' => 'Bugzilla::WebService::Testopia::Environment',
'Build' => 'Bugzilla::WebService::Testopia::Build'

After this I was able to get things working I will report more later.

Mavis said...

Interesting to know.