Thursday, July 03, 2008

Testopia 2.0 Final


2.0 Final is here. A few minor bugs and a major enhancement in the form of a CSV importer made it into this release.

You know the drill... :)


kahmed said...

What version of Bugzilla you would recommend ( have tested and verified) with version 2.0 of Testopia.

Appreciate any help.


Greg Hendricks said...

Bugzilla 3.0.4 is the latest supported though I have tested it with all 3.0.x

Rod said...


I have ungraded to Testopia 2 Final and everything looks OK. However I'm having a lot of working out how to navigate to the csv import page from other testopia pages. (I can get to it by typing in the /tr_importer.cgi URL directly in my browser)

The import also barfs when I try to import the my csv file. I expect I am missing some mandatory fields. Do any guidelines exist for what constitutes a valid csv file for import. The import_example.csv lists all the fields but does not indicate which are required/optional.

Thanks Rod

Greg Hendricks said...

I was just contemplating this problem the other day as I was attempting an import. Perhaps I should list the required fields in the example CSV somewhere. Problem is that CSV doesn't allow embellishment such as bold or italics. Perhaps a * next to the required fields would be in order.

Anyway, the required fields are:
Plans (if going directly to tr_importer.cgi)

You can get to the import page by opening a plan, clicking on the File menu near the top of the plan (above the Plan Name in the overview) and selecting import -> cases.

Rod said...

Maybe just a separate import_example_minimal.csv file would do the trick.


Anonymous said...

In the test plan page, the test case list is always empty.

Case:1105 and 1106

Thank you

Greg Hendricks said...

The testopia2 installation on landfill is running the latest development code which is currently undergoing revision. Try back occasionally.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I can't get either the CSV or the XML to work with the import feature. What am I missing? I'm most interested in the csv file, I believe. Here is the csv file that I am trying:

"TestProduct","Generic Test Summary","","CONFIRMED","P1","unspecified"

Anonymous said...

Alright, I haven't been able to get the import to work, but I figured I should ask some more specific questions.

1) Does the first line of the csv file have to be the field names?
2) Do I have to list all of the field names?
3) Do I have to put a bunch of blank commas or something to indicate empty fields?

Greg Hendricks said...

Please see for answers to your questions.

Anonymous said...

Greg, thank you for such a quick response! I have actually looked at that file, and I've tried to emulate it, but I cannot get it to upload to even the landfill site. Do you mind doing a bit of a demonstration? Could you import a csv file to test plan 901 on that landfill site, and them email me the csv file at that email address? Link:

Anonymous said...

Greg, I simply cannot get any CSV file to import to that test plan. Could we talk through email? This is somewhat important to my efforts to use Testopia. Could you email me at Thank you.

mmmm said...

For the record, the solution here was to install the Text::CSV module on our Testopia server. That was easy enough, and then everything workd just fine. Here's the command, for anyone wondering:
perl -MCPAN -e 'install "Text::CSV"'

Anonymous said...

Note, the above also got XML imports working, in addition to the CSV imports, which was nice

derekr_sun said...

I have tried to import a CSV file, but no joy.
Looking in tr_importer.cgi at this line ...
my $type = $cgi->uploadInfo($cgi->param("data"))->{'Content-Type'};
ThrowUserError('invalid_import_type') unless $type =~ /text\/(xml|csv)/;

I did 'print $type' and got ..


rather than text/csv.

I used Staroffice to create the CSV file.

Shouldn't tr_importer.cgi be updated to handle this returned content-type ?

Greg Hendricks said...

Arguably, yes. Best thing to do is to log a bug, and if you feel adventurous, a patch.

Raja said...

i would like to get some detailed info on using testopia, please send me links where i can find good tutorials about testopia

Greg Hendricks said...

The best place is the project home page at

There are links there to the mailing lists if you have questions.

Anonymous said...

For some reason my laptop seems to be the only one in my company that can can import test cases to testopia. Everyone who tries to import gets an invalid file format error. We tried the same exact file - I can import but no-one else. is there something magical about my machine?

Greg Hendricks said...

couple of things to check:
1. Is the file a proper CSV file (comma separated, not tabs or something else)
2. If you use a spreadsheet application such as Excel or Open Office calc to create the file, you might want to turn off the auto format function that replaces quotes with "Fancy quotes" or dashes with EM dashes etc. These can confuse the processor.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick response, I tried turning off the auto format in excel and I still get the same error, on the machines that I cannot import from. It is just strange that I can import from two other machines and not on any other machines.

Do you think there are some special drivers or settings on these machines that allow the import to work? Or did we run some special script early on in the process on these machines?

derekr_sun said...

I see there is a fix in 2.2beta for the CSV problem.
However, its also failing for file type text/comma-separated-value

tr_importer.cgi only handles ..

I wonder how many different ways are there to specify a csv file type ? ;-)

Greg Hendricks said...

I will freely admit that I don't know much about CSV. I was able to get it working with


when trying from Linux and Windows for CSV files generated by MS Excel and Aside from these, feel free to add any that you come across.

shashi mehla said...

Hi Testopians,

I am using Testopia 2.0 on my XP machine.My intention here is how to import the test cases from XML or CSV to testopia ? To get a standard xml or csv file, I have manually added test cases under test plan. Now I have exported them both as .CSV & as .XML.

Now I am trying to import these files [after renaming] back to testopia via 'Import icon'. Its neither throwing any error not working. I am doing it to learn testopia import function.

Could you please help how to import these ?

Sumo said...

All, I am using a web version of Bugzilla which has Testopia integrated in it for managing test cases. I went through lot of posts which says we need to install Text::CSV, use /tr.importer.cgi etc, but I am unable to any of them in my machine. Can someone please guide me on this to export my test cases from excel to Testopia.