Friday, September 05, 2008

Testopia 2.1 Released

Testopia 2.1 is out.

ChangeLog at

Get it while it's hot! ;-)

There were a few installation issues with original tarball, also a couple nasty JavaScript issues that I missed that were messing up IE. An updated tarball is now up. Treat it as an upgrade (unpatch and repatch)


Gabriel Robledo said...


I've noticed that a new button ("Mark as ERROR") was added to the Run Summary page. What is this for? What is the difference between this button and the "Mark as FAILED" one?


Greg Hendricks said...

The point of ERROR is to indicate there is a problem with the test case itself. For example, if the test case was checking for the wrong value or was part of a script that failed to compile due to syntax errors.

ptekupalli said...

I've created a testplan in Testopia. And added some testcasess to it and created a run by selecting single testcase.Now I want to delete the testrun and also the testcase associated with it. When I follow the procedure given in help to delete the testrun and testcase, throws the following error message
Update of one or more of your runs failed. The most likely cause is that you don't have permissions to update them. Contact the plan administrator to grant rights to update these runs.

The id's of those that failed are: Bugzilla::Testopia::TestRun=HASH(0xa637d54)

I have admin permissions. Please help me to resolve this issue.

Anonymous said...

Have you checked that you have adequate rights also on Test Plan "Permissions" tab?