Wednesday, September 03, 2008

UTOSC 2008

The Second Anuual Utah Open Source Conference was held last week. This year I presented a basic overview of Ext JS. You can see the details as well as the slides at The session was well attended considering it was the last time slot on the last day. The examples mentioned were just those available with the Extjs 2.2 distribution.

This year's theme was HOWTO and a lot of really great presenters that live just down the street (or the hall in some cases) gave several excellent introductions to topics that interest me. Included was Matt Asay's discussion of the problem of the open commons and open source. At issue of course, is the human tendency of taking for granted things that are open and free to all (i.e. public parks) and are therefore not very well maintained.

Open source is similar. It takes enough people willing to give back in order to maintain a resource. The vast majority of open source projects out there are small, one man (or less likely, woman) operations.

This got me thinking. In all honesty, I can't say that I would be as devoted to Testopia were it not my full time job. I am extremely grateful to the handful of contributors that have stepped up and given back. Perhaps it is as Max points out, that it takes a certain critical mass before regular contributors step forward. If Bugzilla is any gague, then I am guessing Testopia has a few more years before that happens.

In the meantime, work progresses on 2.1 and I will likely release by the end of the week, provided I can get enough testing done by then to satisfy my conscience.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice project you have Greg. Testopia looks very hot!