Monday, October 27, 2008

Vacation over, Back To Work.

Sorry for the long silence. I just got back from a much needed 2 weeks vacation in southern California. The kids had a blast at Disneyland and my wife got to pet penguins (a life long dream of hers) at Sea World.

Aside from having to reacclimatize to the 50 degree temperature difference, and digging myself out of two weeks worth of email, I am raring to go.

I am working out some issues with the Bugzilla devs dealing with database upgrades and foreign keys in Bugzilla 3.2 as well as ensuring that we have the necessary hooks set up. Otherwise the move to 3.2 is going very smoothly. Watch for the announcements for Bugzilla 3.2 and with luck, Testopia will be ready by then.

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