Friday, December 19, 2008

A Tentative Step Forward

OK, so there is now an official BETA of Testopia 2.2 available, and for the fist time, I am trying to support multiple branches of development. 2.2 will support both Bugzilla 3.2 and 3.0.x.

Be sure to download the correct package for your installation!

You can get it from the project home page at or from FTP
For the most part, upgrading should be the same as usual: unpatch, untar, re-patch, checksetup.
If you are upgrading Bugzilla at the same time, be sure to reverse the patch first.
So far this seems to work for Mysql with Firefox on Linux without mod_perl (my standard development system). I would love it if anyone wants to help test on other environments as I have limited time for testing these days.

I should stress that you should backup your database before attempting the upgrade. It has not been tested on a production system yet.

As usual Comments and questions should be posted to

Happy Holidays


Max Kanat-Alexander said...

Congrats on getting a beta out! :-)

Let's talk about reducing the 3.2 patch to 0, as much as possible. :-)


Anonymous said...

Alright... I'm starting my 2.2 beta upgrade, and upgrading bz at the same time... (dun dun dun) I'll get back to you!

Anonymous said...

Alrighty, I ran the upgrade on Windows.

First I reversed my 3.0.x patches, upgraded bz to 3.2, then installed testopia, patched, ran

Ran fine, but I got a dozen or more "Use of uninitialized value..." at the end of checksetup.

a quick smoke test makes everything appear to be working alright.

Just thought I'd give you an update. I'm assuming those errors (Pasted above) are a known issue, and that it's harmless.. If not, respond here and I'll log it for you with more detail.

Greg Hendricks said...

Right on both counts.
The warnings should be cleaned up before final release.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody help me,

At our office we have installed bugzilla version 3.0.6 which is working fine. Later we installed Testopia version 2.2,

Can anybody tell me how do i accesss testpia( will there be a link in the bugzilla home page? or is there any seperate URL for testopia)

Greg Hendricks said...

You should see some links across the top and bottom if you are logged in. Unless you have selected to hide them in the user preferences. Also you should check the home page, there should be some links with the Testopia logo.

Anonymous said...

Since upgrading our bugzilla 3.0.5 / testopia 2.1 to a bugzilla 3.2 / testopia 2.2, cloning test cases doesn't work properly; it ends up in an 'Internal server error' message. The server error log pointed to line 319 in Bugzilla/Testopia/, which reads:


After correcting this to:


cloning now works as it should. I'm not sure if this error is in Testopia itself, or if it is due to the other patches made to the installation (we're using an RPM packaged Bugzilla+Testopia installation originally targeted for Fedora 10, which I've modified for BZ 3.2/Testopia 2.2).

Greg Hendricks said...

Good catch. Fixed in tip.

Jonas Anden said...

Found another ;)
The 'links' hook in edit.html.tmpl has disappeared in Bugzilla 3.2, and is replaced by a new hook called 'after_custom_fields'. So the 'create test case' and 'view test cases' links doesn't show up in the bug edit page any more. Fix:

In template/en/default/hook/bug/edit.html.tmpl, rename the directory 'links' to 'after_custom_fields'.

Also, after the UI redesign, the UL/LI doesn't quite fit any more. This is what I have on our system now:
[%# %]

[% test_case_count = bug.get_test_case_count %]
<tr><td valign=top align=right><b>Testopia:</b></td><td>
[% IF test_case_count > 0 %]
<a href="tr_list_cases.cgi?bug_id=[% bug.bug_id %]&current_tab=case">
View [% terms.Bug %] Test Cases ([% test_case_count %]
[% IF test_case_count > 1 %]
[% ELSE %]
[% END %]
[% END %]
<a href="tr_new_case.cgi?product=[% bug.product FILTER url_quote %]&bug=[% bug.bug_id %]">Create test case</a>

Greg Hendricks said...

It would really help if you could apply a patch to a bug at

That is the usual protocol for this kind of thing anyway. ;)

qiang said...
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