Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have recently been assigned to a new project at work. This has limited the amount of time I am able to spend on Testopia and Bugzilla work while on the job. As I am also working on a masters degree part time, this limits my involvement outside of work. I have been keeping up with help requests and the like but have to take a hiatus on new development and bug fixes (unless those bugs impact our own installation) for a while. I continue to keep tabs on the incoming bugs and hope to have time soon to prioritize them. I also don't want to get too far behind the Bugzilla 3.4 branch so as to have the next version of Testopia ready in time for that release. In the meantime, I do have time to do reviews on patches and I welcome any and all who wish to tackle outstanding bugs or enhancements.

So in case you were wondering... I'm not dead yet.
I think I'll go for a walk.