Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have recently been assigned to a new project at work. This has limited the amount of time I am able to spend on Testopia and Bugzilla work while on the job. As I am also working on a masters degree part time, this limits my involvement outside of work. I have been keeping up with help requests and the like but have to take a hiatus on new development and bug fixes (unless those bugs impact our own installation) for a while. I continue to keep tabs on the incoming bugs and hope to have time soon to prioritize them. I also don't want to get too far behind the Bugzilla 3.4 branch so as to have the next version of Testopia ready in time for that release. In the meantime, I do have time to do reviews on patches and I welcome any and all who wish to tackle outstanding bugs or enhancements.

So in case you were wondering... I'm not dead yet.
I think I'll go for a walk.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I figured I'd let you know that, at the very least, your blog is watched. :)

Ben said...

Hi Greg, Just so you know: We love and do use Testopia and appreciate all the hard work you have put into it.

We have been using Bugzilla 3.0.5 with Testopia 2.1. I have been waiting to update due to the warnings, but guess the hiatus means I should risk upgrading to Bugzilla 3.2.3 & Testopia 2.2. I assume that combination should work.

Just out of curiosity, to what project have you been assigned?

Greg Hendricks said...

Glad to hear it is being useful.

I guess I failed to post that there is now a script for cleaning out the unsigned fields. You can get it from the CVS tip under the contrib directory. it is called fix_unsigned.pl and it should be run from the contrib directory.
Once you have run it, you should run checksetup again.

I haven't tested it on a pre Bugzilla 3.2 database but I know it works after upgrading.

The project I am working on is just an internal project. It is scheduled to finish up around the end of May.

hubris said...

I've just installed 2.2 on bz 3.2 on Debian lenny.
Testopia is a wonderful thing and imho, more important than bz. What point is a list of bugs without a structured test plan and cases?

Can you please fix this up and make Bugzilla an add-on for Testopia.