Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Live from OSCON 09

Wow, so I say I am back and then don't post for over a month. I can't believe how the time flies.

So, I am at OSCON this week. You can follow my meanderings on twitter: that is if you do that sort of thing. I didn't until this week really, but I am really starting to see what makes twitter so great.

Today we had a couple of great inspiring talks that, well... inspired me.
Michel Lopp's keynote for example talked about how every project is the result of decisions. Big decisions yes, made by other people, but moreso small day to day decisions made by the developer that ends up steering the course. It made me realize that Testopia is the way it is today largely because of stupid little decisions that had to be made, and had to be made immediately, without any real vetting or discussion. So the reason why the tags are the way they are for example, is just that. In retrospect, I see that some of those decisions were mistakes, but now are so entrenched that they are hard and painful to pull out. Others turned out to be great successes in my opinion.

Another talkby Ben Collins-Sussman and Fitz has helped me see that I really need to be less worried about making mistakes and more into learning from them.

So with that, where are we? Well, Bugzilla 3.4RC1 is out already. Testopia does not yet support 3.4 but I have begun work on the port. Extjs also released version 3.0 of their toolkit and I am resisting the urge to include it in Testopia. Need to focus on one area at a time I think.

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leigh said...

Thanks for all the hard work.

Do you have any idea as to when (roughly) Testopia will support Bugzilla 3.4?