Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Grand Testopia User Survey

As I have mentioned once or twice on this blog, I have been steadily working towards finishing a masters degree in Information Technology. Well, the sweat and tears have paid off. Not only has it already improved Testopia immensely (the user documentation was one class project for example) but it has helped me become a better person.

I am finally entering my final course, and of course (pun intended), I need to put together a final capstone project or thesis. I am working on a lengthy white paper about Testopia and how it can be used to improve software both in open source and commercial applications.

To aid me in my research, I have put together a short survey (10 questions since that is the limit for the free surveys an survey monkey), and would like to invite one and all to make their voices heard. The main topic deals with how Testopia is being used around the world and how it can be improved.


Make your opinion count. Tell your friends. *Free warm fuzzies to the first 100 respondents! (Limited time only)

* Warm fuzzies are the good feeling variety and cannot be redeemed for cash or value in any state or country on planet earth. Void where prohibited. Expires 11/30/09 since I gotta turn in my paper by the end of class. Limit to the first 100 respondents because that is the limit for free surveys. Hey, I am cheap, what can I say.


Anonymous said...

Survey FAIL! Less than 5, or more than 10.

There are 7 people in my department.

Keep your warm and fuzzies! Your survey sux!!!! WOOO!!!

Anonymous said...

I just want to mention that my comment was in total jest and only to poke fun at what was already your light-hearted humor (warm and fuzzies).



(If I find out only two of us have taken the survey... then I really got out'd, didn't I).

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to provide some comments, however the "How satisfied am I" question is setup as a ranking and doesn't allow me to select multiple entries in the same column.

Greg Hendricks said...

Oops. Helps if I test the thing first eh? You caught me, double warm fuzzies for you.

It is fixed now. Sorry for that.

Greg Hendricks said...

I have enabled you to re-enter the survey to edit your responses so those that were unable to answer the satisfaction portion can edit them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg, Are you planning on releasing the survey results? I am sure many of us are curious.

Anonymous said...

Any idea when Testopia would support the latest stable Bugzilla release, currently 3.4.2? We love Testopia but it seems to lag quite a bit behind stable Bugzilla releases...

Greg Hendricks said...

Yes, I will publish the results of the survey. Watch this space for more. As for the 3.4 supported release... I am trying to put together the documentation for upgrading since it will not be as simple this time around. Stay tuned.