Monday, November 09, 2009

2.3 Beta

We have a beta folks!
Grab it from

Usual steps apply. Reverse old patch, untar, apply new patch, checksetup. The only thing to note is the new patch is in extensions/testopia now.

As always, this is a beta which means I would not yet recommend it for production installations. But you can try it out on a test install to see how it will work with your data.

As usual, log bugs that you find at

For those that don't want to mess with installing it, you can test it out at

Silly Bugs

So I was really hoping to have a release done by now. Over the weekend I found a major issue with the database upgrade script which took a few hours of tracking down (calls to bz_alter_column on columns that have REFERENCES need to have the REFERENCES hash included). I think I have finally squashed it, but I ran out of time to test it last week. With luck, I will be done testing in the next couple of days.

For those upgrading from a previous version, you will need to pay attention to the new file structure. Especially if you have made any modifications to the code. If so, you will want to merge your changes into the files in the new location in the extensions directory. All files will have moved there except the cgi scripts.

I wanted to have a script that will clean up the old file structure. Depending on how ambitious I feel this week, I may still try to get to it.


The following files will be moved into the extensions directory:

testopia (dir) -> extensions/testopia/
Bugzilla/Testopia/ (dir) -> extensions/testopia/lib
Bugzilla/WebService/Testopia/ (dir) -> extensions/testopia/lig/WebService
Bugzilla/Config/ -> extensions/testopia/lib/Testopia/
skins/standard/testopia.css -> extensions/testopia/css/testopia.css
template/en/default/testopia/ (dir) -> extensions/testopia/template/en/default

The following templates and template hooks have been moved to the
extensions/testopia/template directory:


Also, because of the more complete reliance on hooks, Testopia 2.3 will not be compatible with Bugzilla 3.2. In other words, we are back to only supporting a single version of Bugzilla at a time. If you want to upgrade Testopia, you will first need to upgrade Bugzilla to 3.4.3.