Monday, November 09, 2009

2.3 Beta

We have a beta folks!
Grab it from

Usual steps apply. Reverse old patch, untar, apply new patch, checksetup. The only thing to note is the new patch is in extensions/testopia now.

As always, this is a beta which means I would not yet recommend it for production installations. But you can try it out on a test install to see how it will work with your data.

As usual, log bugs that you find at

For those that don't want to mess with installing it, you can test it out at


Anonymous said...

Yai! Thank you Greg.

Anonymous said...

MM I dont see it at the landfill, but I shall wait for the final release anyway.

Greg Hendricks said...

Meaning that landfill is running the beta code now. You will have to create an account to view Testopia though.

Yi said...

Hi, Greg, thanks for your work
could I know when the final release coming out?
it is a great job you did.

Данил said...

Hello, Greg. I am using bugzilla 3.4.3 and testopia 2.3 (patch is established correctly, without errors). Does not work editing environment. When clicking on the designed environment, an error

Bad index while coercing array into hash at extensions / testopia / lib / Testopia / Environment / line 239.

Here was to describe the problem in testopia before version 2.3. With commentary qiang cao, the 2.2 managed to solve them. I'm not sure what to do with the error that arises now?

Anonymous said...

This is probably an obvious question, but why does Testopia have to be patched? That definitely is problematic and likely scares away a number of people. Greg, dont you work on Bugzilla as well? Doesnt it have a system to support plugins without patching? Why is Testopia still patched after all these years? I am not critical, I am just wondering.

Greg Hendricks said...

Daneel, The environment issue is known and is fixed. It will be part of the final release.

As for why there is still a patch... Work has been made to reducing the patch and removing it entirely. However, Bugzilla's Hook system is not 100% yet. In fact, it was just revamped which means that Testopia will have to be modified rather heavily for the next version of Bugzilla. However, this will go a long way to completely removing the patch.