Wednesday, July 07, 2010

What You've All Been Waiting For

Testopia support for Bugzilla 3.6 is nearing completion... or so I thought. It seems though that due to changes in the API handling in Bugzilla, the XMLRPC API will have to be rather extensively overhauled.


API calls will have to have a struct (or hash) to contain the arguments as named parameters. To be fair, this is how Bugzilla has always documented their API although it was never enforced until now. However, with the JSON RPC option, it is now enforced and that spills over to XMLRPC as well.

This will of course cause extensive pain for anyone using the existing API as every RPC call will have to be updated with the new parameters. I am working on a solution that can bridge this if possible, but this will likely be the standard going forward.

UPDATE: Max has so generously provided a fix for this problem (See bug 577415). I will include this in the patch until it is released in Bugzilla 3.6.2. This means you can use either named parameters or positional parameters with named being the preferred method. Positional parameters will be deprecated starting with this upcoming release.

Testopia source is now in Bazaar.

I have had Max move the Testopia source into the mozilla Bazaar VCS. The CVS will be mirrored from this, but I encourage anyone downloading from CVS to get the source directly from Bazaar. You can view the development branches and check it out from

Testopia is now a full-fledged Bugzilla extension.

Though it was moved into the extension directory in 3.4, Bugzilla revamped the extension system in 3.6 to provide better support for extension writers. Testopia has been converted to the new system in 3.6. This reduces overhead and compiling issues and should make it faster to execute and take less memory.

Part of this is a change in the name of the Testopia folder from 'testopia' to 'Testopia' which will impact Windows users who are upgrading. Linux users can simply upgrade, merge any customizations, and then delete the 'testopia' (with a lower case 't') folder where as Windows users, and users of case-insensitive file systems in general (thanks justdave), will need to rename the existing 'testopia' folder to something else (such as testopia-old) and then upgrade, merge, and then delete the old folder.

A release should be forthcoming. I'll keep you posted.


justdave said...

Mac users will need to do the rename-to-something-else first trick, too, unless they're using UFS for the filesystem. HFS+ (default filesystem on Mac) is also case-insensitive.

Anonymous said...

I got some errors regarding ERROR_MODE_AJAX and USAGE_MODE_WEBSERVICE while starting Apache. I had to rename all instances of the keywords.

So everything's up and running. Now I'm waiting for the release. Otherwise I cannot let the Testopia into our production environment.

Keep up the good work!