Friday, March 11, 2011

Preliminary Support for Bugzilla 4.0

I have checked in (rev 648) a first pass support for Bugzilla 4.0. I have not had time to do a full regression, so I am guessing there are issues, but I was able to create test plans, cases, and runs. There is no tarball yet, but you can install from BZR. If I get a chance to, I will do some more testing and have a tarball posted soon.


Yes said...

Hey Greg,

Glad to see something moving in terms of testopia compatibility for bugzilla 4.0.

Someone mentioned you were not going to work on it. True?

I'm sure a lot of folks use testopia. Thanks for your efforts!

Bill said...

Hello Greg

Would like to help with testing it, what the status on latest builds


scotty said...

Thanks so much for working on this!!! We are new testopia users and while we got it up and running with bugzilla 4.0, we cannot view the dashboard (shows our bugzilla announcehtml string only).

It appears that we cannot create a new plan, which means we cannot create new test cases (as they require a plan ID, but at least the screen for new test cases appears).

The testopia admin page only shows a link to Plan Types, which we can edit/add (not delete). I am sure there is supposed to be more under admin (but maybe not).

Also, when clicking on My Runs we get a software error for DBD::mysql::db_selectcol_array.

I am sure because we are "new" testopia users with bugzilla 4.0 we are running into these things as we didn't have any existing test plans or test cases. Let me know if we can help you during dev!

Chris M said...

Working ok so far for me. checkout this morning

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg

Thanks for all the hard work, I have hit an issue on Windows install on Bugzilla 4.0.1, I have posted to google groups.

It doesn't look like the DB tables have been created.

Thanks again


Zedic said...

Hey Greg, this is Zedic Daniel Braden, brother to Garrett Braden, who you mentioned was working on the testopia project with you. I was curious what info you had on him and whether I could get access to his profile you referenced(its not working) thanks.

Predated said...

Unfortunately I can't checkout from work - any chance someone would be able to create a tarball?

Greg Hendricks said...


Email me.

Halil Karaköse said...

H Greg,
Are you planning to integrate Requirements management feature in next version of Testopia?

Greg Hendricks said...

There was talk of adding requirements at one time, but the project has stalled. I don't know that anyone is working on it currently.

tryggth said...

Greg, I have a bug to report in the 2.4 version. Where should I submit it?

Also does the bzr repo represent the latest code?


Greg Hendricks said...

Log bugs at Yes, the code in bzr is the most recent.

Escondida said...


I need a little help.

I have upgrade to the latest version of testopia on bugzilla 4.0.3. All works fine. The only problem is that we saw the idle icon on all the icons to change the case status. The tooltip is right and when pressed successfully changed the status of the test case. I looked at the pictures and are in the folder.

Can you help to see where I can start looking for the problem?

Thank you,

Greg Hendricks said...

What browser are you using? If you try a different browser, does it make a difference?

Berta said...

Thanks in advance.

I've tried with Firefox 9.0.1, IE 8 and Chrome all with the same result.

The previous environment was Bugzilla 3.4.12 and testopia 2.3.

Ben Postma said...

Greg, there is no Testopia for bugzilla 4.0, 4.1 or 4.2? Will there be? It is keeping us locked down to bugzilla 3.6 and Testopa 2.4. We would really appreciate an update please.

Do you know if is possible to get a copy of the bugzilla code for 4.1 and use that without installing Testopia against the same database? And then keep a copy of 3.6/2.4 around and use them on the same database as well?

In other words, does Testopia merely add information in its own tables, or does it require integration in bugzilla?

Can you run an older version of bugzilla/testopia against the same database as is used by a newer version of bugzilla?

Berta said...

I've just replace on testopia.all.ycomp.js file the line where the button template is created:

var imgButtonTpl=new Ext.Template...'<'img src="extensions/Testopia/img/IDLE.gif"'>';


imgButtonTpl=new Ext.Template...{0}...

and now it works fine!


Anonymous said...

any new Testopia news?



Subodh said...


I am using Bugzilla version 4.0.2 and I would like to use Testpoia along with the Bugzilla.

I have tried Testopia 2.4 but its not working with Bugzilla 4.0.2.

Need comments.


Ben Postma said...

Is Testopia effectively dead, no longer maintained? Seems so.

Greg Hendricks said...

Actually, version 2.5 with Bugzilla 4.2 support is ready to release. I am working on doing so today.

That said, Testopia has slowed to a crawl. Since I changed jobs a year ago, I only have an hour a week instead of 40+ to work on it now.

Thanks to LpSolit from the Bugzilla team for helping make this release a possibility.

Ben Postma said...

We are using Bugzilla 4.4.6 and Testopia 2.5 and it works well, other than the fact that when you view a test case, the components drop down is empty. I fixed this editing tr_quicksearch.cgi, around line 453, remove "if (defined $c->default_qa_contact)" but leave the end curly bracket, and then also delete the two lines below it that have the word default_qa_contact in it. It looks like this was removed from Bugzilla at some point.