Saturday, June 02, 2012

Bugzilla 4.2 Support is Finally Here

I know a lot of you have been wondering what happened... Testopia was such an active project, and then suddenly seems to have fallen off a cliff.

About 18 months ago I changed jobs. In my prior position Testopia was my full time job. I was paid to devote 40+ hours a week to its development and maintenance. I enjoyed the work immensely. I would have loved to continue were it not for circumstances with the business outside my control.

As with most job changes there were a lot of other changes that accompanied it. In my case, moving to a new city, new schools for the kids, my wife (a school teacher) moved to a new position as well. It has been a very busy time.

The net result is that Testopia kind of fell by the way side. At my new job, they use Jira instead of Bugzilla. I now spend most of my day programming in Java instead of Perl. The downside is that I have had a hard time switching contexts between my daily work and what has become a side project.

That being said, I do have some good news for all your patience. With the help of LpSolit from the Bugzilla team, I am ready to announce Testopia 2.5 with support for Bugzilla 4.2 is now available to download from Mozilla's FTP. This version no longer requires you to patch Bugzilla. If you are upgrading, you must first reverse the patch from the earlier version before installing the tarball. For new installations, simply untar the tarball in your Bugzilla installation directory and you should be good to go.

A word of caution though. When I released previous versions of Testopia, it was only after it had already had a chance to be vetted in a production environment at my previous employer. I have not had that luxury with this release.

I do appreciate all the comments and questions I have received. I apologize for not being more prompt in my responses. Please know they are received and reviewed, even if it takes a while given my new circumstances. Please continue to send them.

As for the future, I refuse to let Testopia simply die. I have been toying with the idea of adding support for Jira and possibly other bug tracking tools - an oft requested feature. The major constraint is simply time. For now, enjoy the latest, and as always, bugs, and enhancements can be logged at and comments and suggestions at


kirotawa said...

Hi Greg,

Good hear this news...Congrats!

Peter Florijn said...

Thanks. Hope we can work together again towards v2.6.

Chris M said...

Thanks for dedicating more time to testopia. We's be lost without it tbh.

Q, will 2.5 work with bugzilla 4.0 or is it only 4.2?


Greg Hendricks said...

This will only work with 4.2 as it requires some new extension handling for the patchlessness to work.

Chris M said...

ok thanks

none said...

Hello and thank you for your time!

Sorry for posting this here (irc and Google Group is unanswered):

I want to filter for multiple tags but cannot find the proper options like "and", "or", "not".

How do I enter this information in the filter?

Result should be something like:

I want to filter all test cases containing tag "A" and "B" but not tag "C"


Greg Hendricks said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure that that is possible at this time. It might be possible to craft a URL query that could do such a thing using the "boolean charts" syntax similar to Bugzilla. I don't recall now how well this worked though.

none said...

Hello Greg,

thank you for your answer.

How is it possible to enter multiple tags? Separated by comma? I guess multiple tags can be entered because it reads "tags" for the field ;-)

James Sanchez said...

When clicking the "Update Action/Results" button in the Test Run, I get the following error:

Request-URI Too Large
The requested URL's length exceeds the capacity limit for this server.

Aparently this is a known issue.

Where else can I expect this error to appear when using Testopia?

TravelGirl said...

it would be nice to sort test cases by several columns: for example, by sort key, then summary...

i can't find anywhere in the documentation where such is explained. can you help?


Steven said...

After creating almost 60 test cases in testopia 2.5, when we try and create a new test case the html of the case doesn't render on the seems to create the case, it's listed on the dashboard but when you enter it, all you have is the header and footer of testopia and nothing else.

If I append &ctype=print to the end of the test case URL I can see all the read only text of the test case.......can anyone help with this strange issue??

I posted here because the google group and IRC have been unanswered.


Ben Postma said...

We have just updated to bugzilla 4.4 with Testopia 2.5. It seems to work.

Anonymous said...

Testopia is in 2015 dead?

sarang bhure said...

Hi All,

I would like to if Testopia 2.5 version can integrate with Bugzilla 5.0 version, we have tried but it failed. Not sure if integration is supported.

Also please help to find which version of Testopia can be integrated with Bugzilla 5.0.


Frédéric Buclin said...

Testopia is not dead. It's currently under a heavy migration, to move all the tr_*.cgi scripts polluting the bugzilla/ root directory into extensions/Testopia/lib/. More details here.

The code in the git repository already works with Bugzilla 5.0, so you can use it if you use Bugzilla 5.0.

Once the migration is done, Testopia 3.0 will be released.

Greg Hendricks said...

Thanks LPSolit for picking this up and running with it.

Jiten said...

Hi Greg,

I am working small organization and we are trying to set up Testopia with 2.5 with bugzilla 4.2 and we are having trouble installing bugzilla 4.2.

We tried all the possible way to install Buzilla 4.2 but did not work out. Is there any way you can help us?


Vishal Sangale said...

Please tell me, can we Integrate testopia into jira or we can migrate testopia from bugzilla to jira.